On an adventure!

August 2, 2010 Donna New

…to a place I’ve never driven to. Thunderstorms God has planned for me when I get there according to the weatherman. This will mean driving on a mountain road. But my sister will meet me at the bottom of the mountain to get me safely there. Oh and there are bats in the belfry when I get there. Should be fun!!

Well I didn’t run into thunderstorms.  But I ran into a bit of trouble. I was trying to get to North Carolina before dark. I left Melbourne at noon and immediately there was bumper to bumper traffic! I was out of that in a half hour or so. Then in Georgia I was afraid I had missed one of the exits so I turned around to check if I had. It took about half an hour to get to the previous  exit by which time I realized I needed to turn back around and keep heading north. Someone once asked me if I did this kind of thing on purpose. I realize now that I don’t. I’m a little ADD and I turn before I’ve really considered my options!  So head north I did. The number exit I needed was in another state.  I stopped to fill up my truck’s fuel tank and get something to eat and drink. It was getting close to sunset and I wanted to be filled up before dark. I got back on the road only to realize the pump had turned off before the tank was half full!! By the time I found another gas station it was dark and my phone was completely out of range so I couldn’t call my sister to tell her I was running VERY late. I tried a payphone which was out of order and took my money. Finally by midnight (I was supposed to arrive by 8PM.) I got to a place I could use my phone. I called my sister who cried with relief and she told me to get a hotel and drive the rest of the way in the morning. So I did. The mountain roads are more steep than I would have wanted to do at night. The gentleman there didn’t wait for confirmation of the credit card. He said “You look tired. We’ll go ahead and get you a room!”  I don’t have A/C in my truck and I was tired, sunburned and windblown…probably a very curious sight! The next morning, was I glad to get to her cabin!! It had a beautiful view and contained people I loved. We had a wonderful week. I’ll put pictures up soon.


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