Light in our Eyes

September 29, 2010 Donna New

The poor and the oppressor have this in common: The Lord gives light to the eyes of both. Proverbs 29:13

To me that means that both have the same chance to find the Lord. The poor have light to see Him and the oppressor has that same light. In one of the gospels, Luke, of the New Testament Jesus tells a story about a poor man and an oppressor. The poor man’s name is Lazarus and the rich man’s name we’re not told. On earth Lazarus begs the rich man for crumbs off his table. Lazarus is starving, literally. The rich man, ignores Lazarus day after day.” So sad. Sad for Lazarus of course, but sad for the oppressor. Because the next part of the story Lazarus is in heaven and the oppressor, the rich man is in hell. He longs for Lazarus to bring him a drop of water to cool his tongue. But there is a chasm between where Lazarus is and where the rich man is. Lazarus can’t help. Payback. Not that God wanted the oppressor to suffer, He gave him light like he did Lazarus. But the oppressor turned God down. And Lazarus didn’t want revenge. God’s word doesn’t say that Lazarus had that kind of attitude.

A rich man doesn’t necessarily have to be an oppressor. And a poor man actually can be an oppressor. And most of us are neither beggars nor oppressors. We’re somewhere in the middle. Either way we each have the same light. It’s a light that shows a crossroad. “Which way do I take…the way of gentleness and mercy or the proud way, the selfish, pompous way?”  If  I’m going to get payback I want it to be mercy. I’ve been too imperfect to even begin to think I’m getting what I deserve.

Lord, have mercy on us. Thank You that Your light is equal opportunity. You are gracious and loving. I don’t ever want to be different than that. Keep me near You so that I become more and more merciful, gracious and loving every day. Let the Light that was in my eyes to lead me to You, fill me and use me and shine back through my eyes to someone who needs You.


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