His Secrets

October 5, 2010 Donna New

The secret

(of the sweet, satisfying companionship)

of the Lord

have they

who fear (revere and worship) Him,

and He will show them His covenant

and reveal to them

it’s (deep inner) meaning.

Psalm 25:14

The Bible this came from explains meanings of Greek words that aren’t easily translated into English. So this is a deeper look at Psalm 25:14 than most Bibles give.

I don’t keep secrets very well. I just don’t. But most of God’s secrets aren’t meant to be kept. He reveals them to us so we can whisper them into someone else’s ear. Someone else is hungering to hear what He told us.

I am amazed and entirely humbled that God would tell us His secrets. He’s such an intimate God considering He owns the Universe. He bows down and tells us about His covenant…about how Jacob was met in the night and a mysterious covenant was made with him and his descendants. He bows down and tells us that a hot coal was touched to Isaiah’s mouth to cleanse him and his people of their unclean words. He bows down to earth and a Baby is born to common people. And that Baby becomes a man on a cross to shed His blood in fulfillment of Jacob’s mysterious covenant. The blood was shed to cleanse us of sin, of unclean words. And to open the way into the Holy of Holies where God lives. This Babe gave us our intimate view into the place, the Person who holds the secrets of life itself.  Then this Baby who became a man brought death to death so that we could live forever cleansed.

It is our glory to search God and know Him with all our hearts. It takes work. It takes a listening heart. But mostly, it’s God. He speaks, He just does. Why, I’ll never understand. I love living hearing. I don’t always hear. I get too busy or too lazy or too ADD. But I love when He confides in unworthy me.


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