A King for a Friend

October 22, 2010 Donna New

He who loves purity and the pure in heart and who is gracious in speech – because of the grace of his lips will he have the king be his friend. Proverbs 22: 11

This reads “he” but I’m pretty sure you can substitute “she.” So we ladies who love purity and if we’re pure in heart and are gracious in speech because of the grace of our lips we will  be friends of the king.

There are two kinds of purity. One is when you save yourself for marriage. That is an important kind of purity yet difficult to keep in our culture. And there are always new beginnings if you fall. Nevertheless I watched my niece and newest nephew keep their purity and never was there such joy at a wedding!

The second kind of purity is when your heart is undivided. When you have a single (not unmarried) heart it only loves the Lord. It’s only devotion is Jesus. You can be married and love your children and your husband, you can be single and love your extended family and you can work. But an undivided heart will see everything through the eyes of their love for the Lord.

Gracious in speech is showing the person you’re talking with favor. It is sincerely charming and pleasant.  My mom went to something called Cotillion and learned how to talk, and walk, and dance. She learned her sweet manners there. It’s out of style now but would really be good for all of us to learn.

To have a king for a friend we need to be pure in two ways, we need to speak graciously. Personally, I don’t need to have a President for a friend. I don’t need a governor for a friend. But I want my king, my husband to know that my heart is undivided for Jesus and I want to speak with sincere charm and favor to him. There were some stories in God’s word of people who had a king for a friend. Some of them are Joseph, Nehemiah, Esther, Daniel…I’ll probably never get to that level. That’s OK. That’s not where I want to be. I want my husband for my best friend should that day come.


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