Precious Belonging

October 26, 2010 Donna New

Lamentations 1:7

During the days of her affliction and homelessness
Jerusalem remembers all her precious belongings
that were hers in days of old…

We all have belongings that are precious to us. I have a lamp my mom gave me one year. I have pictures of friends and nieces and nephews that are so sweet to me. I have an afghan made by an elderly friend who passed away. She was partially blind and asked me what colors were in my living room and made it to match perfectly.

What makes a possession precious is the person behind it. My mom and I have a beautiful relationship. We’ve been through many, very tough times together. My friends and family are my heart and have brought me nearer to the Lord. My elderly friend I miss and as much as I enjoy my afghan I’d rather have her back to go eat with at the Moonlight Diner .

The thing about this verse and the verses of the first chapter of Lamentations was that they missed their country, their possessions. But they didn’t miss their relationship with the Lord. The Lord was the One who gave them their possessions and their country. The Lord was the One who gave them their Temple. He was the One to be worshiped in the Temple. The Lord was the One who loved them and was their heart and soul.

We need to love the Lord no matter what we have or don’t have. He’s been with us through tough times, He’s our heart and soul and He even sups and has deep conversation with us at the Moonlight Diner. He’s near, close, ear at our lips, listening to us waiting for us to speak His Name and find our joy, our precious belonging in Him.


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  • 1. Cheryl  |  October 26, 2010 at 3:30 pm

    Donna, this was a thoughtful insight on Lamentations. I could also relate to your reflection. We do need to desire God.

    • 2. purplefacedpansy  |  October 26, 2010 at 3:38 pm

      Thanks Cheryl, I can’t wait for your new one.

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