The Pebble with a Name

October 29, 2010 Donna New

In Revelation 2:12-17 the Holy Spirit has a message for the Church at Pergamum. Satan dwelt where they were so the Lord was proud of them for not denying Him. But they did have some sin issues some of them needed to overcome – lewdness and worship of another god.

God said if you overcome you will receive hidden manna and He would give them a white stone with their name on it but only they would understand their name. Sounds a little weird right?

I did some checking on the words used in this verse (Rev. 2:17) Manna in heaven is angel food and food for the blessed. So there’s some manna hidden up there especially for those who overcome lewdness and idol worship.

But the white stone to me is romantic. Male penguins in one of the movies give their female a pebble that they keep for life. It’s similar to a wedding ring. I’m not sure how much of that is just drama but it’s sweet.  Well this white stone is even more special in heaven because our name is on it. And in Strong’s Concordance it said something to the effect of: a name includes everything the name covers, every thought or feeling caused to come up in the mind by mentioning, hearing or remembering the name. So our name to Jesus that he would engrave on our stone would have every forgiving thing we did, every time we reached out to love someone, every tear we shed when He said no…every thing about us, everything He feels for us would be in the name on that stone.

The other day I was reading a blog and the author asked what would your name be now that you are saved. I said Grace because of a couple of reasons. One, He shows me such grace for my sins, which are many. Two because He speaks grace into my life when I need it to go on. Well, looking back on that answer, it probably isn’t a pinpoint compared to the meaning Jesus would give for my name. Not because I’m so wonderful but because we’ve been through so much together. Can you begin to come up with a name that fits all Jesus feels for you, all you’ve been through together? It must be a language from heaven.


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