How Can We Sing?

November 26, 2010 Donna New

Psalm 137:4, 5 “How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land?” “If I forget you, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget its skill…”

Israel is asking how they can sing when they’re not at home. Sometimes I don’t feel at home either. I feel like maybe God has moved for a time to test me and show me how my faith is. He knows my faith…the way I complain from time to time, the way I don’t ask Him about important decisions, the way worry tugs at me when I least expect it. God knows my faith, but He’s showing it to me by backing away a bit and giving me loving people in my life who struggle the same ways.

But my song doesn’t leave because He will never forget me. He promises in Psalm 137 that there are some comforts He would choose to lose if He did. It’s because He loves me. I’m the apple of His eye, the place He would first protect if something came near. (Psalms) I’m the child He carried when I was young. He taught me how to walk while He held my hand. (Hosea) I’m His soon to be bride. The One He’s returning for. (Revelation)

There’s a story about a lady who is a falcon by day and her love is a wolf by night and a man by day. So when one is turning human the other is turning animal. They travel together, always close to each other with a young man who knows their story. They long for each other and yet cannot be together. Until one day the right time comes and the circumstances line up and they make their move and the curse is finally broken.  The Lord and we are separated to an extent, not completely. We have fellowship and nearness but we’re separated by a curse, by sin, by Heaven and our need to be pure. But one day the time will be full, He will line the circumstances up and the curse will be completely broken. How I’m waiting for that Day!


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