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December 27, 2010 Donna New

So I say to you, Ask and keep on asking and it shall be given you; seek and keep on seeking and you shall find; knock and keep on knocking and the door shall be opened to you. Luke 11:9

We’re not supposed to pray repetitive prayers without heart. A repetitive prayer is monotonous and meaningless. It has no love within it.

However, the heartfelt prayer of a righteous person will get somewhere. Asking God, with all our heart for something, is OK to repeat. We pray, sometimes beg, with a deep need and the answer doesn’t come the next day. So we keep praying with all our heart, bringing our deep need before the Lord.

He doesn’t withhold an answer just to mess with us. It’s to get us before Him every day because He wants a relationship with us. He wants to hear our voice. There’s nothing sweeter than my great-nephews voice, the way he forms his 5 year old words, the gentle way he talks to me. God loves to hear us and to speak back.

It’s to grow our faith. Faith that is answered over night is shallow and weak. Faith tested over time grows deep roots into Love, into Him. And He is a rewarder of those that seek Him.

It’s to make us serious about life and how we spend our time. Do we spend time in prayer each day or do we watch TV until we go to bed. TV and relaxation is good too, we just can’t leave out the prayer part.

So we need to keep asking, seeking, knocking with all our hearts. With everything we have within us we bring to Him our requests and He listens to our voice and deeply loves us. He longs for us to deeply love Him in return.


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  • 1. Taylee  |  January 1, 2011 at 3:16 pm

    “We’re not supposed to pray repetitive prayers without heart. A repetitive prayer is monotonous and meaningless. It has no love within it.”

    It is this that reminds me the Lord seeks for a relationship with us. Seeking him daily through prayer of abundant love and honesty. Talk to the Lord as if he were a friend over for coffee 🙂

    • 2. purplefacedpansy  |  January 1, 2011 at 10:14 pm

      You’re right. He’s our Best Friend. My mom just mentioned a hymn this morning that is her favorite. It is “What a Friend We Have in Jesus.” It’s a beautiful song about that subject.

      Thanks for commenting. Have a happy new year!

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