He Knows

January 10, 2011 Donna New

Job 23:10 – “But He knoweth the way that I take: when He hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.

He knows my frustration, my loneliness, my boredom and my desires to be a godly woman. He knows my joys, the friendships and family I have and my independence. He knows my past hurts and triumphs, my present situation, and my future. He is “intimately acquainted with all my ways.” Psalm 139

He knows all this and keeps me as the apple of His eye not only so He can protect me but so that He can grow me. I wasn’t meant to be impure metal but gold tried by fire. Not 1 carat gold, but 14 carat gold.

Now lead is not as romantic or as pretty by any means as gold but I used to work for a plumbing company and I’ve watched with my eyes lead being purified. They used to use lead for solder and they had sheets of it for something. But they lit a fire under the lead, and it melted down to a liquid. All the impurities and crud came to the top. They showed it to me floating in the shiny lead. Then they took a huge cast iron ladle and pulled out the lead without  the impurities and put it in a sort of cast iron muffin tin that made half spheres of purified lead. And then they had lead they could use again

God does something like that with gold, with me. He has melted me down to a liquid, to something that has no form without the Hand that holds me, and taken out impurities. Now He is giving me back joy, and love, and peace and friends and family relationships that are strong. Because He watched my way He knew when and how to melt me. I’m not 14 carat gold yet. But maybe I’m a little closer.

This verse came from Job. I assume Job spoke it. He was being melted in a way I pray none of us ever have to be melted. But God brought him through and rewarded him. And in it all Job met God and got to ask Him some questions and saw Him with his own eyes and heard Him speak with his own ears. God does some awesome and beautiful things through our tough times that He doesn’t do any other way.


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