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The One Who Sweetly Heals

Exodus 15:22-27

The Israelites had gone a while in the desert without water. They found some finally but ironically it was bitter water, marah. They began doing what we usually do, murmuring and complaining about their leader, Moses, and their God, I AM. They made Moses cry but he cried out to God not about God or at God.  Crying out to God when we’re frustrated or hurting is exactly what we’re supposed to do.

God told him there was a tree whose branch would make the water sweet. Kind of like Jesus changes and softens us when He knocks on the door and comes to sup with us. So Moses put the branch in the water and the people drank freely.

Then God led them to an oasis of twelve wells and bunches of palm trees. So the people had abundance. God’s abundance can do a couple of things depending on our attitude. It can heal the fear and create confidence and rest in Him. Or abundance can cause us to expect and even demand the best only and at all times.

God meant for this time of abundance to comfort and heal them as they were  weary of the desert. And mainly it was to give them a trust in Him. He was their Healer and He was going to be beside them all the way. 


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They say a girl’s soul needs a little chocolate every day. A lady in a Johnny Depp movie came into town with something the town had never tasted before … Chocolate. It caused people to tell this lady their troubles and they seemed to solve them.

Jewish people loved to party. Jesus first miracle was at a celebration. He turned water to wine for a wedding.

We need treats, rewards parties to get through a hectic week. We need laughter to help erase stress. We need to take advantage of these mini-vacations. They may seem frivolous but they’re healthy and important in our lives. A cheerful heart does good like medicine. Proverbs.

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Someone Greater

“And Solomon answered all (Queen of Sheba’s) questions; there was nothing hidden from him which he was unable to make clear to her.” 2 Chronicles 9:2 Jesus said in Matthew “…behold Someone more and greater than Solomon is here.” Matthew 12:42

The Queen of Sheba had so many questions for Solomon, not just mundane questions but tough ones. She told Solomon all that was on her mind. And Solomon understood her and helped her with her questions and confusion. What a privilege to be known by Solomon and to be understood. What a privilege to find answers to questions that might have been haunting her for years.

Someone greater than Solomon was here, on earth. He had answers to questions people only voiced in their hearts. He had word pictures and parables that had answers if the people would listen and be devoted to Him because He explained them to His disciples. He was holy and pure and the God who gave Solomon his wisdom. His Name was Jesus, Wonderful Counselor.

Someone greater than Solomon is here, in our hearts. Nothing within can hide from Him. He knows all and understands all. For some reason that isn’t clear to me He doesn’t tell us every answer to all our why’s. But it is enough to be understood and to be loved and for Him to make Himself cozy and welcome in our hearts. I’d give away an answer to  my why’s any day for the warmth of His nearness and the comfort of being known.

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A Mug or a Teacup

Esau and Jacob were brothers who had come together after many years of fear and grudges. They had forgiven each other and decided to keep their children and flocks together and were getting ready to get moving. Esau said, Let’s get started…

But  Jacob replied, you know, my lord, that the children are tender and delicate and need gentle care…Genesis 33:13  Children are fragile and don’t endure a trip in the dust and blazing sun well. They have to be watched over with our thoughts on them. We can’t push them too hard nor can we be harsh with them. They deserve kindness.

God is our heavenly Father and we are His children. We may feel like we’re tough, but we are delicate also. We can only endure so much then we need a break. His care for us is with tenderness and with watchfulness. His refining of the gold within us is performed with a watchful eye.

It’s similar to a mug and a teacup. A mug, such as Jesus or an experienced, trusting saint is more tough than those of us starting out or with gentle personalities. We’re tea cups that you have to be careful washing and putting away and storing. But we’re beautiful to behold and one day we’ll grow into something tough and strong. It takes time and trust and God’s tender care.

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The Wings of the Dawn

If I take the wings of the morning or dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea, Even there shall Your hand lead me , and Your right hand shall hold me. Psalm 139:9, 10

In the movie “Guardians of Ga’Hoole” the owls would fly not at night but at sunrise and at other times. Their wings moved so gracefully and quietly.  The colors of the sunrise were beautiful and the animation of the owls was majestic. They were on a journey to rescue their friends.

Jar Jar Binks in Star Wars had a land under the water where he dwelt. It was beautiful too. To get in you have to go to the uttermost parts of the sea and walk through a bubble to go where a human can breathe. Again the animation was beautiful

If you’re taking a journey on the wings of the morning, maybe a journey to find out who God means for you to be, or a journey to fast and pray for a need, or a journey to spend some time listening to God in His word; God will meet you there. His hand will lead you.

If you dwell in the sea and are resting in the water maybe content with all God has given you, maybe exhausted from a long period of ministering, maybe just resting from the crowd; God’s right hand will hold you.

Everywhere we go, whatever questions or issues we have that need to be met he’s there. He’s ready to love us and hold us until we’re quite ready to come back.

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The Bread and the Wine

I was getting ready to eat a Wendy’s spicy chicken salad when a song came on the radio. It was about what Jesus went through when He died for us. Since I was getting ready to eat my mind went to Communion. I don’t go to a church service so I don’t take it very often and I miss it deeply. It’s such a worshipful time. So as I ate my salad I meditated on His gift of His broken body which heals me and His gift of His shed blood which cleanses me from sin.

The bread, His body and the wine, His blood are precious symbols of His work in us. When we were saved or first came to know Him they were what did the changing, making us feel clean and new and causing us to respond in a clean and new way. As we go through this life and we have disappointments and heartaches His broken body and the blood give us healing. They have a power beyond anything else. And as you get to know Him they have a sweetness and a depth that nothing else has. As we go home to be with the Lord they purchased our trail to heaven and the peace we take with us as we travel there.

Maybe every heartache that happens to us here is not immediately healed. But someday it will be. We’re promised that. And we bear the consequences of some of our sin. But one day we’ll be free. That’s something to worship for.

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Chariots of Fire

I’ve been listening to Nicole Nordeman a little lately. She’s a girl with a deep heart and anointed words. And in one of her songs she said she didn’t need to know there were chariots of fire surrounding her she wanted to hear that God still counted the hairs on her head. She needed that intimate knowledge of Him and an intimate word from Him.

Last night I needed to hear something from God. And it was that my family is protected physically, kind of how angels work. I pray funky prayers sometimes and I need to be sure I’m praying truth. So someone led me to 2 Kings 6:15-17. There is a servant of Elisha who comes outside in the morning to see a bunch of chariots riding up to fight the school Elisha had. The servant ran to tell Elisha and Elisha prayed “Lord, let him see that those who are with us are more than those who are with them.” The servant’s eyes were opened and he saw a mountain covered with chariots of fire. That was exactly what the servant needed. That was exactly what I needed. The heavenly warriors are there in the exact number, even in generous number, needed for the battle.

So some days I’m like Nicole, needing an intimate moment from the Lord. I’m kind of childlike and need reassurance and a whisper in my ear. And some days the reassurance I need comes in chariots of fire. The Lord is so loving and so perfect to be exactly what our hearts are hungering for.

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He Knows

Job 23:10 – “But He knoweth the way that I take: when He hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.

He knows my frustration, my loneliness, my boredom and my desires to be a godly woman. He knows my joys, the friendships and family I have and my independence. He knows my past hurts and triumphs, my present situation, and my future. He is “intimately acquainted with all my ways.” Psalm 139

He knows all this and keeps me as the apple of His eye not only so He can protect me but so that He can grow me. I wasn’t meant to be impure metal but gold tried by fire. Not 1 carat gold, but 14 carat gold.

Now lead is not as romantic or as pretty by any means as gold but I used to work for a plumbing company and I’ve watched with my eyes lead being purified. They used to use lead for solder and they had sheets of it for something. But they lit a fire under the lead, and it melted down to a liquid. All the impurities and crud came to the top. They showed it to me floating in the shiny lead. Then they took a huge cast iron ladle and pulled out the lead without  the impurities and put it in a sort of cast iron muffin tin that made half spheres of purified lead. And then they had lead they could use again

God does something like that with gold, with me. He has melted me down to a liquid, to something that has no form without the Hand that holds me, and taken out impurities. Now He is giving me back joy, and love, and peace and friends and family relationships that are strong. Because He watched my way He knew when and how to melt me. I’m not 14 carat gold yet. But maybe I’m a little closer.

This verse came from Job. I assume Job spoke it. He was being melted in a way I pray none of us ever have to be melted. But God brought him through and rewarded him. And in it all Job met God and got to ask Him some questions and saw Him with his own eyes and heard Him speak with his own ears. God does some awesome and beautiful things through our tough times that He doesn’t do any other way.

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